Weed & Grass Herbicides
McGough's, Inc
More than ever before, extremely effective solutions for weed and grass control are
available for the homeowner's use, but it is essential that these products be applied
correctly.  Herbicides are specific in regard to the targeted plant, its stage of the growth
cycle, and weather conditions.  For successful control of weeds and grasses, these
factors absolutely must be considered.

McGough's carries many products for achieving control of troublesome weeds and
unwanted grasses in lawns and landscaping beds.  We also offer guidance about how
and when to use these products to maximize their effectiveness.
A note about surfactants....

Using a surfactant with your
herbicide can drastically improve
your results.  Surfactants
enhance an herbicide's ability to
adhere to the plant and be
absorbed through the leaf tissue
down to the root, increasing both
effectiveness and speed of
Turf Herbicide for
Grassy & Broadleaf

Contains Quinclorac +
+ Dicamba. This
combination provides
combination provides
and an enhanced fast
visual response
spectrum of weed
control, including
yellow nutsedge &
Broadleaf Herbicide for

Provides exceptional
and versatile broadleaf
weed control - fast.  
Effectively controls
tough weeds like
clover, plantain, ground
ivy and spurge with a
cool-weather response
exhibiting injury within
GlyphoMate® 41
Weed & Grass Killer
plus Aquatic Herbicide

A unique formulation
containing 41%
glyphosate and a
surfactant.  Labeled
for both aquatic and
"all-in-one" product
has a built-in
This surfactant
improves pesticide
dispersing the
application uniformly
and protecting the
pesticide from rain
wash-off and
Turbo Spreader Sticker
Stump-Out Stump
and Vine Killer

Kills vines, stumps,
brush and broadleaf
weeds, but not grass.
Formulated for fast
and even uptake by
foliage, shoots and
roots for complete
and permanent
control. Prevents
resprouting of stumps.
Poison Ivy & Brush
Killer Concentrate

Powerful, non-volatile
formulation works on the
toughest weed species,
yet is harmless to grass.
Stays where you spray,
without danger of vapor
damage or root uptake
by surrounding trees
and ornamentals.
Hi-Yield Kill-Zall

Non-selective weed and
grass killer, contains a
that dries on plant
fast to start working
Weed and
Grass Stopper

granules prevent
weed and grass
growth in flower
beds, around
trees, shrubs and
Consider using a dye with
your liquid herbicide....
Mark-it Blue
Spray solution blue colorant
indicates where chemical
herbicides, fertilizers, &
insecticides. Avoid skips and
overlapping. Washes off
without staining, non-toxic,
dissipates with sunlight.
  • Weedar 64
  • Crossroad
  • Tordon RTU
  • Aquashade
Additonal products available, including:
  • Hi-Yield Turflon Ester
  • Round-Up
  • Ornamec
  • Hi-Yield Aquatic Herbicide
  • Fertilome Weed Out with Q