1898 Grain Receipt
1973 McGough's
1952 Service Award from
General Mills
1930 Grain Receipt
McGough's, Inc.                 A Traverse City Centennial Store
Jessica and Cricket
Tater Tot
Grace and Sophie
David, Sarah, and Lillie
Lou Brown
The McGough's
Gallery of Pets....
Elana and Dande
A Traverse City fixture since
the 1890s.
In January 1895, Joseph H. McGough and E. Perrine bought out their
partner, Mr. Swigart of St. Johns in the grain, hay and feed business.  
In March of the same year, J. H. McGough bought Perrine out and
operated the business himself.  Over the years, McGough's has had
several owners and at one time operated across the street from its
current location.  The warehouse next door was previously a casket
company and is currently used by McGough's.