Soil Test Information
An explanation of how to take a good soil test and a brief questionnaire that
can be brought in with so, enabling us to make better recommendations for
specific needs. Bring 2 cups of soil; most test results arrive within two weeks.
Lime: Fiction & Fact
One of the most common misconceptions for this area is the need for lime.
While in some cases lime is needed, most of the time it isn't and can cause
some serious long term problems.  Read our informational sheet.
Food Plot & Crop Soil Test
If you are testing acreage for food plots or agricultural crops, use this
information before gathering core samples.  Bring in a minimum of 2 cups of
soil; test results usually arrive within 14 business days.
Organic Fertilizers & Soil
Natural Pest & Disease
Our natural products for lawn and garden, including fertilizers, soils, soil

Organic options are readily available for insect and disease control in
vegetable gardens, ornamental plants, turf and houseplants.
Rodent & Pest Information
When dealing  with rodents and other pests it is important to know which
animal is causing the problem.  Diets, habits and damage vary widely.  Click  to
get information on some common local vermin.
Weed Control
A quick guide to defeating weeds in the lawn, including tips on the correct
timing and products.  
Crabgrass Control
Information to help understand how to identify and prevent crabgrass problems,
as well as how to eliminate it without hurting the lawn.
Grub Control: Applying the
Right Treatment at the
Right Time
Understanding which treatment to use at the correct time during the grub's life
cycle is key to controlling further damage from grub activity.  Not all products
labeled for grub control can be used at the same time; read our informational
sheet to find out more.
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