Turf Seed

Turf Seed
McGough’s specializes in seeds and products for turf grass.  With an array of  mixes and cultivars from which to choose, you can find the seeds you need to start your lawn the right way.  Whether you are looking for a lush, emerald-greed carpet, a tough blend to stand up to kids and pets, or just hoping to spruce up your home’s curb appeal, the experienced staff at McGough’s can guide you to the right mix for your conditions and your goals.

Turf Seed Mixes Specifically Chosen for our Area

Sunny Mix

  • A three-way blend of bluegrass, fescue, and rye to establish a healthy and attractive lawn. Succeeds in moderate shade
  • Bulk, 25 & 50 lbs

Shady Mix

  • A five-way blend designed to withstand partial to moderate shade conditions (3-4 hours of sunlight is considered minimal for turf survival)
  • Bulk and 25 lbs

Old English

  • A hearty, low-maintenance mix that is very popular for use around cottages, playgrounds, and high-traffic areas
  • Bulk, 25 & 50 lbs

Sunny Dry

  • Primarily formulated with several varieties of rye to withstand dry, sandy soils, or when fast germination is needed to prevent erosion
  • Bulk and 25 lbs


  • Fast-germinating mix often used for erosion control or very low-maintenance areas where quick cover is key
  • Bulk and 50 lbs

Premium Sunny

  • An improved sunny mix with two additional varieties of bluegrass to promote deeper color and vigorous growth
  • Bulk and 25 lbs

Reduced Mowing

  • A special blend of six turf fescues; low-growing to result in less maintenance
  • Bulk and 25 lbs

Sun & Shade

  • A multi-purpose blend similar to our regular sunny mix but with additional fescue. Highly adaptable and often used in parks or traveling shade conditions
  • Bulk, 25 & 50 lbs

Supreme Sports Mix

  • Eighty percent of hybrid bluegrass for a plush lawn, with cultivars selected for vivid color and aggressive thickening characteristics
  • Bulk and 25 lbs

5-Way Sod Blend

  • Our very best, to rival the finest sods. One hundred percent bluegrass, five hybrid cultivars for disease resistance, abundant growth, and intense green color
  • Bulk and 25 lbs

Turf Seed Varieties

  • Poa Supina Supronova
    • Stoloniferous bluegrass native to Europe. Developed to withstand heavily shaded conditions. Poa Supina is quite resistant to common diseases and is cold tolerant.
  • Annual Rye
  • Perennial Rye
  • 4-Way Perennial Rye
  • 3-Way Tall Fescue
  • Sheep’s Fescue
  • Creeping Red Fescue
  • Kentucky Blue
  • White Dutch Clover

For more information, check: Planting a New Lawn – Brochure