Wildflower Mixes

Nothing quite competes with the beauty of wildflowers. McGough’s carries several wildflower mixes to fit the conditions in varying landscapes.

100% Perennial Wildflower Mix

Be patient! Typically forms basal crown the first season, while plants develop. Many varieties are tap-rooted, showing good drought tolerance once established. Will spread & reseed, often forming large colonies.  Mixing with a non-aggressive grass such as Sheep's Fescue will result in a naturalized, prairie effect.

  • Seeding rate: 8-14 lbs/acre  -  5 oz /1,000 sq. ft.

Annual Wildflower Mix

A mix of 100% annuals for spectacular bloom in the same season. Many varieties will reseed. Often added to other perennial mixes to boost color the first year.

  • Seeding rate: 8-14 lbs/acre  -  5 oz/1,000 sq. ft.

Midwestern Wildflowers

Varieties chosen for our region. Contains enough annual wildflower seed to put on a colorful show the first season while perennials become established.

  • Seeding rate: 8-14 lbs/acre  - 5 oz/1,000 sq. ft.

Shady Wildflower Mix

A blend of annual, biennial, & perennial seeds selected for their ability to tolerate filtered sun or partial shade. Caution - will not prosper in dense shade. 

  • Seeding rate:  8-14 lbs/acre  -  5 oz /1,000 sq. ft.

Crown Vetch

A perennial herbaceous legume native to Europe, crown vetch is deep-rooted, winter-hardy, and tolerant of drought and light shade. Due to its spreading nature, crown vetch is an attractive option for stabilizing soil and controlling erosion on hillsides and steep banks.  Caution - once established, it can become very aggressive.

  • Seeding rate:  20 lbs/acre  -  1 lb/1,000 sq. ft.
  • Use a companion crop of perennial rye:  40 lbs/acre  -  1 lb. /1,000 sq. ft.

Additional wildflower varieties and native grasses are available by special order.