Ice Melters

Don’t let winter keep your sidewalks full of treacherous ice. Not only do we carry ice melters that work down to -25 degree weather, but also options which are safe for pets and lawns.  In addition to salt and ice melter, we stock products for traction control and weight in the back of your vehicle.

Quantity discounts are available for all of our salt and ice melter options. For those of you with limited space, we offer free indoor storage on ton purchases, which also allows you to take advantage of early season specials. Delivery is available for an additional charge. Stop in or call us for details!

Knox Ice Melter


  • Potassium & sodium chloride
  • Safer choice for lawns, trees & shrubs
  • Leaves less messy white residue
  • Works at colder temperatures than rock salt alone

Rock Salt


  • Sodium chloride
  • Most economical ice & snow melter
  • Blend of large & small crystals for better melting

Professional Ice Melter


  • Potassium, calcium, magnesium & sodium chlorides
  • Works down to -16 degrees F
  • Blue color-coated to ensure visible coverage
  • Coated with natural corn-based product to prevent caking



  • Calcium chloride
  • Works at coldest temperatures, to -25° F
  • Great for removing standing ice
  • Safest for concrete
*Dowflake also available

Paw Thaw


  • Biodegradable formula is safer for pets
  • Less harmful to lawns and landscaping
  • Non-tracking and non-corrosive formula
  • Blue-color coated to ensure visible coverage

Remove Ice Melter


  • Magnesium, potassium & sodium chlorides
  • Works at below zero temperatures
  • Safer to use around vegetation and landscapes
  • Low-tracking formula



  • 46% Nitrogen
  • Commonly used as an alternative for melting ice and snow

Traction Control Products


  • Granite Grit (various grades)
  • Play sand
  • Sand tubes
  • Kitty litter