Soil Testing

soil testing
Unsure about what to use when fertilizing? When it should be done? How much should be applied?

Consider the benefits of testing your soil at McGough’s. Not only do you receive a clear picture of your soil profile, enabling you to better understand which plants will thrive in that environment, but you also remove the guesswork out of fertilizing.

By knowing exactly what your plants need, the best time to use it, and correct rate of application, you reduce unnecessary additives to the soil – which helps not only the environment, but also your wallet.

McGough’s offers soil testing through the labs of Spectrum Analytic. With a comprehensive analysis of the soil profile, we can recommend amendments to correct nutrient deficiencies, adjust pH problems, and help you gear your fertilization program to your job site, personal lawn, crops, and gardens.

Soil Test Instructions  – Click Here

  • An explanation of how to take a good soil test. Please complete and return with your soil (copies also available in store).

Helpful Information

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