Wildlife Food Plots

Choosing the right crop for your food plot can be a daunting task.  There are many seed options on the market, all promising great results and the sure appearance of the wildlife trophies you’re hoping to attract. However, there are many factors that go into developing a successful wildlife food plot.  We at McGough’s encourage you to ask yourself a few key questions before making a decision:

  • When are you planting and in what season are you looking to attract the most activity?
  • Do you want a perennial, long-term plot or an annual crop?
  • Have you completed a soil test?  Do you know your soil pH and nutrient levels, which are critical for success with many crops?
  • What are your site conditions, such as the heaviness of the soil and hours of sunlight the plot will receive?
  • How much fertilizing are you able or willing to do?
  • Can you mow this plot or get equipment to it?

Northern Michigan is known for hunting. At McGough’s we try to make it easier for you. We carry formulas that are specifically created for our area and varieties that are proven to perform.

IDEAL Northern Edge

Perennial Wildlife Seeds

Annual Wildlife Seeds

For a concise listing of all our food plot seed options, check our Wildlife Food Plot Brochure.