Wildflower Mixes

Nothing quite competes with the beauty of naturalized wildflowers. McGough’s carries several wildflower mixes to fit the conditions in varying landscapes.  Wildflowers can provide a low-maintenance addition to a landscape that not only pleases aesthetically, but also provides food and nectar to bees, butterflies, and birds.

A few steps in preparing an area can help a wildflower bed or field flourish for years.   Although they can be grown at varying points in the season, these mixes have higher rates of success when sown in late spring.  They also perform better when the bed has been cleared of other weeds and grasses that would compete for space and nutrient. Like any other tender young plant, wildflower seedlings will require adequate moisture for survival, but once well-established, are generally tolerant of droughty conditions.

Additional wildflower varieties and native grasses are available by special order.